GPS 卧式离心泵_川源水泵
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  • 流量:2-900m3/h;

  • 扬程:5-100m;

  • 介质温度:≤80℃;

  • 介质密度:≤1.1×103kg/m³;

  • 介质PH值范围:6-9;

  • 电机绝缘等级:F;

  • 防护等级:IP55。


  • 暖通空调冷热水循环系统

  • 设备配套

  • 高楼给水

  • 一般工业用水

  • 消防给水

  • 土木施工用水

  • 污水处理设备

  • 农业灌溉用水

  • 锅炉给水



  • Air-condition cold or hot water circulation

  • Can be used together with equipment

  • Water-supplying system of apartment building

  • Industrial water supply

  • Fire-fighting water system

  • Construction engineering water supply

  • Waste water treatment

  • Farm water irrigation

  • Boiler water supply



  • 叶轮采用优秀的水力模型设计,具有极好的动静平衡,性能稳定。

  • 以电机轴作为泵轴,同心度绝对可靠。

  • 采用进口轴承,振动小,噪音低。

  • 单吸、单级卧式离心泵,闭式叶轮。

  • 同轴直接式构造,效率高,体积小,重量轻,安装保养容易。

  • 采用机械密封,不损轴心,不漏水,使用寿命长。

  • 可根据要求采用不同材质。(本型录为铸铁材质,若选用不锈钢材质,则尺寸及重量另行提供。)



  • The optimal hydraulic model is used for impeller, the pump is of an utmost dynamic-static balance and reliable performance.

  • The pump shaft is an extended one from the motor, so the concentricity is absolutely reliable.

  • The pump which is supported by imported bearing, runs at little vibration and low noise.

  • Singl-stage single-suction horizontal centrifugal pump,closed impeller .

  • Coaxial volute structure, high efficiency, small volume,light weight, easy installation and maintenance.

  • Mechanical seal, no damage to shaft, no leakage, long duration.

  • Materials can be selected according to the requirement of the customer. (Material of the pump model in the castalog is cast iron. The size and weight of the pump made of stainless steel can be provided separately.)